Supermom Number 84: Brenda Goulden


Brenda took over the duties of both mother and father to her two daughters five years ago. Learn more about this super-mom, who’s doing it all—managing the household, working full-time, taking university courses, renovating the house and even fixing her daughter’s car.

“My dad died five years ago. I was 12 and my sister was 14. Since then my mom has taken over the duties of both mother and father. Shes my hero for always being there for my sister and I and always supporting us. She bends over backwards daily for us and she would do anything for us. She’s currently trying to finish renovating the house (her and my dad started) while working full time and helping my sister and I with anything from university to fixing a vehicle.”

—Darcie Goulden, Brenda’s daughter


Super-Mom’s Profile and Interview

Name: Brenda Goulden

Age: 46

Human Occupation: Administrator

Super Ability: Multipower Generation (the ability to combine and create endless new powers!)

City: Churchbridge, Saskatchewan



1. How do you feel about being nominated/winning?
I feel honoured to be nominated by my daughter Darcie as supermom.

2. What motivates you?
Being a mom is not a job but a privilege and honour to be able to raise , teach and pass on knowledge to my daughters Darcie and Nicole which motivate me.

3. What are you currently involved with/ passionate about?
I am passionate about raising my daughters and being there for them throughout life. i am currently involved in completing a major house addition with the help of my daughters. i am fortunate to have a career that i enjoy  as a rural municipal administrator.

4. Are there any hobbies or past times that keep you busy?
I am also enrolled in university courses to further my education. I enjoy the outdoors, construction, camping and spending time with my daughters.

5. What’s your favourite flower?
My favourite flower is the lily.

6. What’s your family’s favourite meal? Favourite restaurant?
Our favourite meal is steak supper at longhorns restaurant.

7. What’s your favourite Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt flavour?
My favourite frozen yogurt flavour is Tutti Frutti.

8. Anything you would like to say to your super-kid(s)?
There are no words to describe how fortunate and proud i am of my daughters Darcie  and Nicole.