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“Although we had some rough patches being in the typical Mom-Daughter in law situation, she has been an amazing and kind person towards me… we once went to Carrefour Laval’s Tutti Frutti and she insisted on buying some for me since she loves it and wanted to share. It was a nice, sweet and simple gesture but meant the whole world to me.” —Nadia Lam, Yan Ning’s hope-to-be Daugther in law

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“Volunteers with me and became an Executive Director of my organization called Children’s Birthday Miracles so that we can hold monthly birthday parties for children at a family shelter. Always thinks of others first. She will do anything for my sister so that we can make the world a better place. Allowed us to volunteer at the age of five and now serving others is instilled in us.”—Sheliza Kassam, Sairose’s daughter

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We are a proud prize sponsor for the “Heart and Soul” Concert and Silent Auction with proceeds going towards Heart of the City Piano Program (HCPP) at the University of Alberta. Volunteers at HCPP teach piano at inner city schools throughout the city, to at risk youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience music first-hand.

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Sask_Regina_AlbertSTTutti Frutti is proud to team up with Ernst & Young and the United way to be a silent auction prize sponsor for the annual Winter Gala. United Way helps to deliver a wide range of community impact programs and initiatives, targeting some of the most difficult and complex issues that people experience

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