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Do you happen to know a Super-mom?
Its that time of year again, last year we had over hundreds of nominations for SUPER MOMs all over Canada,  This year we want to hear from you again!  If you do (whether she’s a community hero, the glue that holds the entire family together, or simply just the coolest mom on this planet), here’s a chance to recognize the difference she makes!

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Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Canada is proud to be a sponsor of the Stollery Youth Committee and its amazing cause as a Heart Sponsor for $500.00. Proceeds go towards the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation to help the pursuit of excellence in children’s health care.

417121_391292024217934_266748320_nThe Stollery Youth Committee is run by students at the University of Alberta that strive to raise awareness of the needs of health care and the joys that come with being involved in the community. In order to accomplish this mission, the committee and our dedicated volunteers hold fundraisers and awareness campaigns in support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

In addition to fundraising and supporting the programs and technology needed by the Stollery Foundation, the Stollery Youth Committee also works towards advancing philanthropy in future generations by providing volunteer and community service opportunities.

The Stollery Youth Committee is recognized by the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation as a student run committee acting as a Community Initiative towards the Stollery Foundation.

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(EDMONTON, AB) Tutti Frutti Canada, a national frozen yogurt chain, is proud to announce a partnership agreement with the Canadian Cancer Society to raise $30,000 through its retail stores across the country during the month of September. Dilantin buy fast

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Tutti Frutti is searching for the biggest and brightest marketing ideas from you! We are reaching out to our young fans, nationwide, for the next big Tutti Frutti business or marketing idea–anything from traditional to social media marketing avenues, new product ideas… Simply create a detailed strategy/plan based on a working budget of $10,000 or less, telling us what you think we should do to spread the word and grow our brand.

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